Barn Owl Embroidery

So in my last post I talked about how I was using the tambour embroidery technique to embroider a barn owl with beads and sequins and probably some embroidery floss. But I didn’t post any pictures at that time because I hadn’t done a lot to it yet. Well I will post some pictures this time because I have the face done and some of the wings. Not much, mind you, it is still a work in progress and will need a lot more time put in.

Barn Owl design drawn on silk organza
Barn Owl design drawn on silk organza

I think I have explained in a recent posting that I have taken this design from an adult coloring book. I am just using the design for a basic shape and also to give me some inspiration, but the design will different once it is done.



I also thought that I would first use the iridescent crystal sequins, on the face, when I started. I even went through that pain in the butt afternoon of picking up the sequins one by one. But after attaching a few it just didn’t look right. They where way to translucent for that area. I may still use them somewhere on the piece, I haven’t really decided yet. I’m taking this one stage at a time to see what works best.
After I finish this piece I plan on placing it on the back of a bomber jacket and putting it up for sale. Probably on Etsy. Of course if someone where to inquire about it before hand I would be willing to sell it by itself or even make the bomber jacket to their size. So let me know if anyone is interested. You can of course wait until I am closer to being finished with the embroidery. I will post updates as I make more progress on it.
Well I think that is it for this post. Next post I will talk more about what tambour embroidery is and where I learned how to do it. And of course if you are interested in seeing more examples of tambour embroidery just head over to my pinterest board ” Lesage and Embroidery ” I have over 400 pins there, including videos.


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