Still Here

Hello All! It has been quite sometime since I have left a post and all because we have been in the throws of moving. It has been nothing short of chaos. I think this is quite possibly one of our worst moves thus far. It hasn’t been terrible, but there has been a lot of little hiccups. It is taking forever to unpack. We moved into the house a month ago and we still aren’t done. This is mainly because of our 11 month old. She takes constant supervision when she is not napping. So I don’t get a lot done. She is just into everything. And we are in a town house with stairs that we still need to perfect the baby gates on.

Anyway, I won’t get into everything. I almost have my sewing room back up and running. I actually got a little loom work in today. Yay!!! Can’t tell you how much I have missed working on things. Everyday I keep getting more and more ideas of things to do and when I can’t work on these ideas it drives me nuts. This stuff is my stress relievers and I feel so empty without them some days. So needless to say I can’t wait to start again.

Alright, now that I have let you all know that I am still here. I’m off to relax a little as the babies are in bed and it is mom’s time.


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