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So you read a little about my in my All About Me page. Let my further enlighten on why I create and love fashion. I really started designing and sewing about six years ago. I had just moved to Australia and had no friends and family around. I needed an outlet. While exploring the great down under was fun amazing, I was also pregnant and couldn’t get around too much. I was also getting frustrated with how expensive clothes were. Now I’ve always had a hard time with shopping in the past because of my size not being in the ideal sizes, but couple that with expensive prices for even the most mundane clothes and I was ready to throw my hands up in the air and call it quits. Thing is, I’ve always had a good eye for fashion, but the fashion never had a good eye for me. That is where my wonderful loving husband comes into the picture. He saw how much I was struggling and wanted to help. Of course I had moved there for his work, so he was more than willing to be just as supportive. Anyway, he went out and bought me a sewing machine. That way not only could I have a hobby that would keep me from driving us both up a wall, but also I could explore creating my own wardrobe. So here I am six years later. I have obtained a ton of tools, knowledge, fabric (oh the fabric), notions and trims, patterns, etc……. I now have two little girls, who I love making things for. That said, two kids under five, I don’t get much time to create, but when I do I am into all sorts of things. I don’t have any formal training. All my experience has been self taught, earned through online classes, books, and a class on tambour embroidery. I am learning how to create my own fabric with a loom. And I soon will be able to delve into laser cutting textiles if Glowforge ever decides to send me mine. Okay well that is all for now. Please look forward to future posts discussing fashion trends, tutorials, my current projects, etc… Also I hope to get some of my creations up for sale in the future. But that will be a ways away yet. Oh and please check out my Pinterest board. I have all kinds of goodies posted from inspiration to patterns, to tutorials and so on.


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